Discovery Flight – $150 for an hour

A great gift for a family member as a one time experience. If you’re interested in a flying career, this is a good way to come “interview” us and see what we have to offer!

Hourly aircraft rental with instructor, wet rate (including fuel) – $195

Instructor hourly rate – $45

Billing during a lesson begins at the time you meet your instructor until the time you part ways. Instructors are also available at their hourly rate to help you with ground knowledge, complete a Flight Review, complete an Instrument Proficiency check, help you gain proficiency in your personally owned aircraft, etc. Let us know what you need!

Ground Instruction with an AGI via Zoom – $45/hour


Zero-time to Private Pilot – $7,500

(40 hours of flight time in the aircraft)

Zero-time to Commercial Pilot – $45,000

(250 hours of flight time in the aircraft)

10 hours of TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft) towards a Commercial Certificate – $1,800

-Ask us about flying to you, picking you up, and completing your 10 hours over two days


We can get you from Zero time through CFI/CFII in as little as 7 months